Tori Spelling And Husband Dean McDermott Reportedly Feuding Over Baby Number 6 Amid Financial Woes

Tori Spelling And Husband Dean McDermott Reportedly Feuding Over Baby Number 6 Amid Financial Woes
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Tori Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott are reportedly feuding over having a sixth child together, as they continue to have financial trouble.

Even though Spelling is busy filming BH90210 , Radar Online is reporting she has nothing but babies on the brain. A source close to the couple told the website that the actress wants to try for another girl. She is not concerned about the financial woes they are facing right now.

"She feels that three boys and three girls would make the perfect family and has convinced herself Dean will agree once he gets over the shock!" the source revealed to the website.

Not only would adding another baby give their son Beau a sibling close to his age, but it would even out their family in Spelling's eyes. Did she forget about McDermott's oldest son, Jack? She would need to have two more girls to truly make the boy verses girl ratio even, provided she considers him part of the family.

McDermott, on the other hand, is insisting his baby-making days are over.

"Dean loves kids, but he's stunned she would even suggest it. Dean thinks she needs to get her head on straight and work on supporting the family they already have!" the unnamed source shared with Radar Online .

The couple has been plagued with financial difficulties over the past few years. They have several pending lawsuits, including one with American Express for unpaid credit card bills and another from City National Bank for an outstanding loan. The lawsuits are all for a substantial amount of money.

Spelling initially believed the Beverly Hills 90210 reboot would be the cash cow she needed to get rid of her financial worries. However, the potential earnings may not have been as lucrative as the actress initially thought.

"She thought she'd be raking it in like they did in the '90s," a source said. "She's getting a fraction of that!" the same source further expressed.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have not yet responded to claims they are battling over baby number six. If the two are genuinely fighting, then fans should expect to hear a pregnancy announcement soon.

Since he cheated on his wife years ago , McDermott has basically given in to her every demand. If Spelling wants a baby and can get pregnant, he will likely concede the battle and expand their already large family.


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