Alec Baldwin Cringes At Daughter Ireland Baldwin’s Latest Racy Instagram Photo - Fans Think She Looks Smoking Hot

Alec Baldwin Cringes At Daughter Ireland Baldwin’s Latest Racy Instagram Photo - Fans Think She Looks Smoking Hot
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Alec Baldwin is not happy with his oldest daughter, Ireland Baldwin's latest racy Instagram photo.

The model decided to share a picture of her nearly naked backside with her over 500,000 followers on Thursday afternoon. Ireland is standing on a rooftop with a towel wrapped around her head, no top and a thong that shows off her toned tush. Oh, and of course high-heels to complete the basically nude look.

"thank you @sixtyhotels for the beautiful stay. I may never be allowed back, but it's chill. Also, my butt isn't that white. It's the sun. No, it's also that white," Ireland captioned the picture.

The comments section immediately populated with remarks on the sultry shot. It didn't take long for a couple of her famous family members to pop with their own thoughts.

Dad Alec not only cringed at the picture but was baffled by his child's choice to post such a photo.

"I'm sorry. What?" the Saturday Night Live alum asked.

Alec and Ireland have had a rocky relationship over the years. The infamous voicemail in 2007 when he referred to her as "little pig," she was 11-years-old at the time, pretty much sums up it all up.

Although they have managed to mend fences slightly, Alec does not approve of Ireland posting so many photos of her body. Last summer she posed on a motorcycle wearing only a black bra and matching bottoms

"No. Just… No," Alec wrote on the sultry post.

The 23-year-old is proud of her smoking hot body and is not afraid to show it off. However, her father is not the only one who comments on her pictures. Uncle Billy Baldwin gave his two cents on her most recent pic where she is only wearing a thong.

"Tough one for Uncle Billy to "like," Billy stated along with #awkward and a heart emoji.

Alec Baldwin and Billy Baldwin have issues with Ireland Baldwin's latest racy Instagram photo. Her followers, though, think she looks fabulous. Several users simply flooded the comments section with the fire emoji, while others took the time to share some true sentiments.

"You're smokin hot!" wrote prestontiffanyl

Ireland is going to keep on doing her thing, despite the discontent from her famous family. The Baldwin brother may not like her racy photos, but social media is all about them.


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