Tokyo Toni Assures Blac Chyna That She Will Always Be There In Heartwarming Clip

Tokyo Toni Assures Blac Chyna That She Will Always Be There In Heartwarming Clip
Credit: Source: US Weekly

Blac Chyna and Tokyo Toni have one of the most toxic mother-daughter relationships in Hollywood. This was displayed for the world to see on The Real Blac Chyna but it turns out the same show that put their problems on blast is the same one that may have finally permanently repaired their bond.

No matter how many times the mother of one has exposed her daughter on social media, Chyna has always been open to trying to have her in her life again.

Filming her new reality show started off kind of rocky. Toni said that Rob Kardashian's ex-girlfriend could 'kill herself' while Chyna told her mom that she hated her.

It escalated to the point where the model was trying to throw an object at Tokyo who was being escorted out by security.

After agreeing to go to therapy, it seems that the two have found some common ground. Recently, the businesswoman has found herself at a crossroads with her entire team and even her best friend, Treasure Gemz.

With only her makeup artist by her side, the 31-year-old could use someone to lean on. Since her relationship with the woman who gave birth to her has seemingly improved, Chyna has turned to her to vent.

Surprisingly, Toni not only was a listening ear but she also took the time to apologize for her past actions.

In a clip shared on Chyna's Instagram, Toni assures her daughter: 'You have a good heart, you're a good person. You've got your ways, but we all do. The same thing over here. you know, I'm super protective, crazy as h*** when it comes to you, crazy over you. I just want to be there for you. Even in the past we had our ups and downs and me going on the internet -- dead wrong. Shouldn't have never did it. It's no excuse. I'm not gonna find any. However, I'm your mom. I'll always be there.'

She goes on to say that Chyna's life will get better now that her circle is smaller. Do you think these two will stay on good terms?


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