Tia Mowry Has Fans In Tears After Posting This Video

Tia Mowry Has Fans In Tears After Posting This Video
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Tia Mowry-Hardrict had her fans crying after she released a video where she shared some very personal details about her life and family after taking a DNA test.

Tia, a former child actress and one-half of the famous Mowry twins, is biracial. The Sister Sister star, who has a black mother and Caucasian father, decided to dig deeper into her roots and learned quite a bit about where she came from.

On her popular YouTube show, Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix , the mom of two revealed that her father, Timothy Mowry, is British, Irish, German, French, and Scandinavian. Her mother, Darlene Mowry, is linked to West Africa, Ghana, and Nigeria.

The TV star shared in the clip: “What up my Nigerians! One of my really, really good friends is Nigerian. It’s just so amazing to really know the fine details of where your ancestors were from.”

She went on to explain that her desire to know more about her father’s heritage motivated her to take the DNA test: “One of the main reasons why I wanted to do this is because as I’ve gotten older, I’ve been more intrigued with who I am and where I come from. I’ve always known some information about my mom’s side, but I didn’t know a lot about my dad’s side. My dad is white, and when my mom and my dad got married, on my dad’s side, there wasn’t a lot of support — until now.”

Tia cried as she praised her Irish, Nigerian and Ghanaian predecessors for overcoming so many struggles for her to alive today.

She added: “I have both sides of me that are just badass. That explains why I am such a go-getter and why I’m just so aggressive in whatever I want, and I just don’t give up.”

The TV talent also made some discoveries about her health. She stated: “My results said a slightly increased risk for late-onset Alzheimer’s. I got chills because my great grandmother, she actually passed from Alzheimer’s. She ended up getting it when she was in her 90s.”

She concluded by saying: “With that information, I now can do whatever I need to do to try to prevent that from happening. At first, I was really nervous about receiving this because you just never really know what’s going to be revealed. But again, as I’ve gotten older, I’m really starting to believe that knowledge is power. So the more information I know, even though sometimes that can be scary, you can do something about it.”

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