Bella Hadid - Here's How She Feels About Sister Gigi Hadid Getting Back Together With Zayn Malik!

Bella Hadid - Here's How She Feels About Sister Gigi Hadid Getting Back Together With Zayn Malik!
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Gigi Hadid and her on again, off again boyfriend, Zayn Malik seem to be back together! That being said, how does her sister, Bella feel about their reunion?

One insider tells HollywoodLife that she ‘couldn’t be any happier’ for Gigi!

After all, the only thing she really cares about when it comes to her older sister is that she is happy and it really looks like the former One Direction member can offer her that at this point in time.

‘Bella couldn’t be happier to see how happy Gigi is with Zayn. The only thing that matters to Bella is to see her sister happy and if Zayn makes Gigi happy, then Bella completely supports them dating again,’ the source shared.

Furthermore, it sounds like the whole Hadid family has gotten used to the two reuniting.

The reason why that’s actually pretty obvious and proven is that Zayn was seen having dinner out with Gigi, Bella, their mom, Yolanda, brother Anwar and his girlfriend, Dua Lipa not too long ago!

About this, the insider dished that ‘It seemed very natural for Zayn to join their family for Yolanda’s birthday. They all had a really good time together and Zayn gets along with their family really well. [For Bella all that it matters is] how happy Gigi was. That’s the most important thing to Bella, and nothing else matters.’

And she probably has no reason to worry about that at all since things between the reunited pair seem to be going smoothly!

Another insider told the same news outlet that Gigi and Zayn just can’t seem to ‘quit each other!’

They went on to say that the singer loves the supermodel a lot and is really committed to making it work with her.

Still, given their history together, you never know when that might change but for the time being, the source assures fans that ‘things are going well with them and family and friends are happy for them.’


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