Wendy Williams On Lori Harvey And Future's Alleged Relationship: ‘If She Were My Kid I’d Break Her Neck!’

Wendy Williams On Lori Harvey And Future's Alleged Relationship: ‘If She Were My Kid I’d Break Her Neck!’
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Wendy Williams made it plenty obvious that she does not approve of Steve Harvey’s daughter, Lori dating rapper Future! In fact, she was so clear about it that the 23 year old should breathe a sigh of relief that she isn’t her child!

The reason is that the talk show host went as far as to say that if Lori Harvey were her daughter, she’d ‘break her neck’ for dating Future! Yikes!

As you may have heard, there have been a lot of rumors surrounding Lori and Future lately and as they keep getting cozy on a Jamaica vacation together, it becomes more and more apparent that they have a romantic relationship.

While on her show, Wendy addressed the speculations about the two, telling her audience members that ‘He has 8 kids with four different babies moms! … If this was my daughter at 23 I would break her neck, crack her skull and throw her down the steps. And, you’re not the boss of your kids when they’re 23-years-old. Lori, what’re you doing? Girl, everyone talks about you… You’re so pretty, you don’t have to be that girl!’

In the meantime, Steve Harvey has also shared his opinion on his daughter’s love life, telling The Hollywood Fix during an outing in L.A. with Kris Jenner’s man, Corey Gamble that ‘I don’t know nothing about it.’

Furthermore, he had the exact same response when he was asked if he ‘approved’ of their supposed romance.

He was obviously just playing coy for the sake of not getting involved in Lori’s life or at least not publicly, since before those questions, he had been quite chatty during the interview.

Maybe Wendy should learn a thing or two from the actual parent of the adult woman whose dating life she seems so bothered by!

What do you think about what Wendy had to say? Do you support Lori and Future’s alleged romance or not?


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