Thomas Ravenel And Fiancée Heather Mascoe Are Engaged 5 Months After Having Their First Child

Thomas Ravenel And Fiancée Heather Mascoe Are Engaged 5 Months After Having Their First Child
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Thomas Ravenel and his fiancée, Heather Mascoe , are engaged approximately five months after they had their first baby together, a new report from Page Six revealed today. The Daily Mail shared on Tuesday that Ravenel, the 58-year-old Southern Charm alum, and Heather, 38 are now engaged.

Page Six says even though Thomas has had tumultuous relationships in the past, he won't be signing a prenuptial agreement. According to multiple reports, Thomas and Heather had their first baby back in June, but they weren't actually a couple at that time.

Thomas reportedly said he and Heather were great friends, but they weren't dating. During the latest season of Southern Charm , Kathryn Dennis, Thomas's ex, appeared shocked over having heard that Heather Mascoe was pregnant with Ravenel's baby.

Reportedly, the 29-year-old woman was living with Thomas while she and the reality star took care of their two kids, Kensie, and Saint, who are 6 and 4, respectively. Kathryn was living with Thomas amid the beginning stages of the coronavirus pandemic.

As the story goes, Mascoe was already pregnant at this time, and during a Southern Charm confessional, Dennis said she couldn't believe she had been living with a man who had secretly fathered another child behind her back.

She was thinking to herself at the time that maybe there was a chance they would reunite and have a family again. Kathryn suggested it was officially over between them and there would never be a chance to get it back.

As most know, Dennis and Ravenel never tied the knot, but the couple has been fighting over their children together for years. Ravenel has been married in the past before having kids with Kathryn. He married Mary Ryan Ravenel back in 1995 but they split up thirteen months later. They finalized their divorce in 1998.


Ravenel was once the South Carolina state treasurer, however, he has come upon hard times over the last few years, including when he was put on blast for rape and assault allegations . Mr. Ravenel was never convicted of a crime.

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