The Vanity Fair Magazine Cover That Revealed Meghan Markle's Romance With Prince Harry Infuriated Her

The Vanity Fair Magazine Cover That Revealed Meghan Markle's Romance With Prince Harry Infuriated Her
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Meghan Markle 's distaste for the media dates back to 2017 when she appeared on the cover of the publication Vanity Fair.

Naturally, in addition to the budding Hollywood star, the name of the future Duchess of Sussex's then-boyfriend, Prince Harry, was prominently displayed on the front page of the journal. However, nothing was said about her acting skills or her work as a humanitarian.

Since a member of the royal family, not Meghan Markle, was the main focus of the story, the enthusiasm and displeasure of the Sussex family developed into real panic, wrath, and scandal.

When the magazine offered to write a piece about Sussex to be published on the cover of the September issue, she was originally "delighted," according to a British journalist, author, and royal specialist Tom Bower, who wrote about it in the book "Revenge: Megan, Harry, and the War Between the Windsors." The loud and somewhat fiery statement, "She's just crazy about Harry," caught the Duchess off guard.

By the way, the author did not even try to outline in detail Markle's primary responsibilities, even though Megan was already well-known for her charitable work at the time.

Tom claims that instead of suing the newspaper, Buckingham Palace made a statement to the Duchess that enraged her.

Additionally, Prince Harry's public relations team further fueled the flames by forcefully advising Meghan to refrain from discussing her personal matters and from responding to inquiries about the administration's policies under then-US Potus President Trump. Racism-related themes were included on the list of banned subjects.

Megan persuaded Harry that the story would be about her work in Suits because she was content with everything and confident about the upcoming interview.


In Toronto, where the project was filmed, Markle is believed to have participated in an interview.


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