Meghan Markle's Feud With Fellow Royals Began Before The Wedding Sources Claim

Meghan Markle's Feud With Fellow Royals Began Before The Wedding Sources Claim
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Meghan Markle never got along with the rest of the royal family, a new report from Page Six revealed. And while this suspicion has existed since she first started dating Prince Harry, a royal insider stated that the feud began shortly before the royal wedding.

Lady Colin Campbell, the author, is currently getting ready to drop her brand new project, Meghan and Harry: The Real Story, in which she discusses what happened between Meghan and the rest of the royal family.

According to Campbell in her new book, the feud first began in earnest approximately four days before she got married to Prince Harry in May of 2018. During a conversation with The Daily Star, the 70-year-old writer said that the Royal Family was heavily invested in the idea of Meghan becoming a "success."

Campbell said that she and other people of color were all rooting for Meghan. Campbell says that she was one of the women invested in her success, on account of her Jamaican status.

Campbell says in her book that she and other people of color were hoping it would go down well, however, her relationship with the other royal family members didn't start as positively as she hoped. Reportedly, during a garden party for Prince Charles' charity work, Meghan did something that bothered a high-ranking attendee.

Campbell says that she can't reveal what Meghan did exactly, but what Meghan did made everyone at the party feel "gobsmacked and astonished." Immediately, everyone there knew it was going to cause issues sometime in the future.

Other sources, including Dr. Jane Goodall, have stated that Prince Harry and Meghan had already chosen to move away from the royal family around one year before they officially announced their exit. Prince Harry said he didn't want to raise their child in a royal household.

According to Goodall, she said to him that Archie would have to learn how to do the "Queen's wave," and the Prince said to her that baby Archie wouldn't be "growing up like that."

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