The ROSE Foundation Says They Will Not Accept Masika Kalysha's Donation After Only Fans Stunt Video -- She Responds With Receipts

The ROSE Foundation Says They Will Not Accept Masika Kalysha's Donation After Only Fans Stunt Video -- She Responds With Receipts
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Social media users were confused when Masika Kalysha used shock factor to get her only fans subscribers to donate to the ROSE Foundation that works to raise awareness and prevent human trafficking. The ROSE Foundation will not be accepting any donations made and according to a video released this morning -- they never approved of the tactic in the first place.

The founder of the non-profit, Toni Rivera, released a clip to Instagram where she said that she thanks Masika for her efforts; however, she says she got a lot of DM's from people who were triggered by Kalysha appearing bruised and beaten in a post where she told followers to go to her only fans page.

Toni made it clear that she doesn't condone what happened and that she doesn't want any of the funds raised.

Maika clapped back with her own receipts that showed that she was on the board of the organization. She also said that she would be stepping down after this debacle but she would continue to be involved in putting an end to human trafficking.

In a lengthy Instagram post, she addressed Toni for cracking under public pressure.


'My platform is what you wanted until you got it & saw how difficult it is to stand firm and maintain your purpose while others try to tear you down. This is my daily life. I take the bricks thrown at me and build mansions. Toni you allowed the negative comments to supersede the end goal: saving lives and rescuing women and children. @tonidrivera I understand how difficult it is to stand firm under pressure, especially when you’re not used to the type of social media bullying that I receive on a daily basis, so I’m not upset at the fear you’re displaying. It’s hot. Yes. But the same hot water that hardens an egg softens a potato. I thank God that I harden in the fire while others that walk beside me soften. That does not make them weak, it simply means that we shouldn’t be in the same pot,' her message partly read.


She went on to say: 'Even though you took your very 1st moment of press to turn on me, instead of using it to bring awareness, I’m very happy that you have the spot light because the heart of your organization is beautiful, and I still stand firm in my support with @r.o.s.e._organization and its efforts to save victims of human trafficking. It is with great sadness that I am choosing to step down from the advisory board, but this will NOT slow down my efforts in this battle.
Respectfully -MK.'

Masika's followers seemed to align in agreement with the foundation. It was in very bad taste to post the original video that has now been deleted.

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