Kim Kardashian Takes Off To Mexico After Kanye West Returns To Los Angeles

Kim Kardashian Takes Off To Mexico After Kanye West Returns To Los Angeles
Credit: Source: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian is doing everything in her power to keep her marriage together, but after Kanye West suddenly returned home because he reportedly missed her and the kids, reports said Kim took off to Mexico. According to the latest reports, Kim was spotted solo in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where she was seen doing handstands on the beach while wearing a skimpy, pink bikini for a photoshoot.

Photos of Kim Kardashian wearing her hair in tow cornrows as she showed off her fabulous figure went viral. Though Kim was reportedly in Mexico for business purposes, that didn't stop people from talking that it looks like things aren't moving as smoothly for Kanye and Kim as they may want the public to believe.

However, not everyone is predicting doom and gloom of Kimye's relationship. Some suggested that Kim and Kanye recently returned from a trip to the Dominican Republic and Miami with the kids and Kim may just want some time alone — not necessarily apart from Kanye, but a break from the kids.

Kanye may have returned home to watch his children and not because he was "missing" Kim terribly as outlets reported.

Regardless of the reasons why Kim went to Mexico solo, it was evident that she was having a great time.

Kim was spotted eating food, frolicking in the water, posing on the beach, and showing off her backside in photos that are making their way across social media platforms. Though she hasn't announced why she was in Mexico, it seems likely that she is shooting for an upcoming campaign for KKW Beauty .

It has also been reported that Kim Kardashian will make her residence in Los Angeles, while Kanye West will stay in Wyoming. It's unclear if he has returned to Wyoming yet or if he is still at the couple's Calabassas home with their children.

You may see three additional photos featuring Kim Kardashian's braided hairstyle below.

Kim, Kanye, and Kourtney recently spent some time together along with North West.

What do you think? Do you think Kim and Kanye can make their marriage work? Were you surprised that she went to Mexico so soon after returning home?


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