Masika Kalysha Reveals How Much Weight She's Gained During Quarantine

Masika Kalysha Reveals How Much Weight She's Gained During Quarantine
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The world has been shut down for almost two months now, especially North America. Americans, in particular, have been spending way more time at home than ever before, with access to junk food, movies, and TV shows on-demand.

It's not unreasonable to suggest that increased relaxation time is making it hard for many people to keep up with healthy lifestyle habits. Kalysha is one reality star who claims she's one of them. According to BET, Masika recently came out to say that all of the sitting, relaxing, eating and TV watching is starting to show on her waistline.

The Love and Hip Hop star claimed on her social media that she could definitely relate to the phenomenon. On her Instagram, she posted a video in which she was showing off her extra curvy figure. The reality star asked fans: "who else gained a quarantine 15?"

Fans of Kalysha know she's often in the media headlines for reasons related to her baby daddy, Fetty Wap, so her recent social media post was a nice breath of fresh air.

Unfortunately, she's more often than not associated with the "Save Dat Money" artist. For instance, on the 29th of December, Ricki Mathers reported on a tweet from Kalysha for which she was attacked by social media commenters.

As it was previously reported, Masika and Fetty were in a relationship not long before they had their first baby, Khari Barbie. For the most part, fans believe Fetty doesn't have much involvement in his other children's' lives, however, it's been reported that he and Masika get along a lot better.

Ricki Mathers claims this isn't true, at least according to a tweet from the Love and Hip Hop alum. Masika wrote on her account, "that hurt hit different when your 3-year-old's crying, asking why her daddy's missing."

Rather than sympathize with her situation, many social media users were quick to lambast the reality star. One commenter accused her of knowing what she was dealing with right from the beginning.

A user accused Masika of knowing right from the beginning what kind of man Fetty Wap was, to which the reality star responded that every "f*ck boy" puts their best foot forward.

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