The Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan Slams Donald Trump, Dak Prescott, And American Dog Owners

The Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan Slams Donald Trump, Dak Prescott, And American Dog Owners
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Cesar Milan is not a fan of President Trump's proposed border wall. The Dog Whisperer star recently appeared on the Domenick Nati Show to discuss a wide range of topics, including Trump's controversial wall and all the negative misconceptions regarding pitbulls.

Milan first addressed the reports surrounding Dak Prescott's pitbull, who made headlines after attacking a neighbor. Milan criticized the idea that pitbulls are violent by nature and argued that the way a dog behaves is all about their environment.

He also slammed American dog owners for not setting proper limitations on their pets, which also contributes to aggressive behaviors.

At the end of the day, Milan says that dog owners who want pitbulls need to be prepared to give their pets proper exercise and mental stimulation. Without this, pitbulls will act out, especially if they are put in situations of high stress or fear. Milan believes this is likely what happened with Prescott's dog. He also cautioned pet owners to choose the right kind of dog that fits their way of life.

The dog trainer was also asked about his friendship with Jada Pinkett Smith, who is rumored to have had an affair multiple rap stars. When asked about the cheating rumors, Milan was taken aback and said he does not know anything about her personal life. He also made the comment that the inquiry was not very "nice."

When it comes to Trump's wall on the southern border of the United States, Milan did not believe it is an affective way to keep illegal immigrants out of the country. Milan explained how people are always going to attempt to get inside the United States and a wall is not going to stop everyone from trying to get over.

"Everyone deserves to take that risk," Milan shared.

Fans can listen to Cesar Milan's entire interview on the Domenick Nati Show on YouTube .

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