The Cast Of 'Friends' Does Not Need A Reported Reboot, They Are Still Raking In The Dough

The Cast Of 'Friends' Does Not Need A Reported Reboot, They Are Still Raking In The Dough
Credit: Source: NBC

Fans of the hit television sitcom, Friends , would love to see a reboot in the near future — but the cast doesn't necessarily need one. It has been over a decade since the cast of Friends got together on the small screens, but they are still pulling down insane money from syndication.

For example, Netflix just paid $80 million to keep streaming the show through next year alone. With the series still pulling down $1 billion every year from syndication deals, the cast members still get around $20 million per year.

According to Observer , the main cast members, including Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, and Matt LeBlanc, negotiated a syndication deal as part of their contracts after Season 6.

As part of the deal, the cast members get around 2 percent of the profits from syndication.

That does not even account for all the money they made while the show was on the air. During the last few seasons, the Friends stars were getting paid $1 million for every episode.

Between their salaries and the syndication money, none of them are hurting for a paycheck.

Even if the cast agreed on a reboot, Perry's ongoing struggles with substance abuse are reportedly preventing a reunion from taking place.

Inside sources claim that the male cast members are less interested in a reboot, and with Perry in-and-out of rehab, his personal struggles would make filming a nightmare.

Sources also say that Perry had a brush with death last August after he overdosed with medication and alcohol. The actor was allegedly taken to the hospital after experiencing severe stomach issues.

Perry later confirmed the hospitalization on Twitter and revealed that he spent three months recovering from infections.

"Three months in a hospital bed. Check," Perry wrote on social media.


After the health scare, sources say that Perry is determined to get his health back, which bodes well for a potential Friends reboot.


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