Matthew Perry Opened Up About His Emergency Surgery Just Days Before The ‘Friends’ Reunion

Matthew Perry Opened Up About His Emergency Surgery Just Days Before The ‘Friends’ Reunion
Credit: Matthew Eisman

The ‘Friends’ TV show has been a fan favorite for decades. Fans all around the world have thoroughly enjoyed the show and have referenced it in multiple situations. The recent ‘Friends’ reunion brought joy to a lot of fans.

Matthew Perry recently opened up about his emergency surgery that had to be done just days before the reunion happened. Matthew revealed that he had been in a lot of pain after the surgery which had led to him questioning if he should go ahead with filming the reunion. He did not specify why he had to go into surgery however he did state that there had been a serious problem with his teeth.

He had decided to go ahead with the filming because he didn’t want to disappoint fans. He also mentioned that his voice had been slurry during the filming because of his surgery. He mentioned that he felt like his teeth were on fire after the surgery had been completed. However, despite his pain, he still decided to join his friends at the reunion. He said, “It sounded like my voice was off. But I couldn’t not show up. So, what I chose to do was just go and do the best that I could.”

Matthew also shared that he had felt an immense amount of pressure on himself to make people laugh at the special. Because his character on ‘Friends’ is Chandler Bing, known for his humor and carefree attitude, he felt it was important for him to entertain everyone by cracking jokes. He shared, “I felt like I was gonna die if they didn’t laugh. It’s not healthy for sure, but I would sometimes say a line, and they wouldn’t laugh, and I would sweat and go into convulsions.”

Matthew Perry has also opened up about his struggles with addiction recently. He opened up about how his struggles with addiction had almost brought him to death in 2018. He has planned to release his life details in his upcoming book “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing”. Matthew shared that his addiction had become so bad, the producers and his co-stars were all aware of it.

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