Terry Crews Under Fire For Emphasizing The Importance Of Equality Over '#BlackLivesBetter'

Terry Crews Under Fire For Emphasizing The Importance Of Equality Over '#BlackLivesBetter'
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Terry Crews has found himself in the headlines a number of times over the last few weeks and usually, it's related to the Black Lives Matter protests, which he has vocally supported from the beginning.

The 51-year-old recently took to his Twitter to argue that black people couldn't be held in higher regard than other races because it would only create supremacy of a different nature. Crews wrote on his Twitter account that everyone had to ensure "#blacklivesmatter" didn't turn into "#blacklivesbetter."

Followers of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star accused him of misunderstanding the point of the movement, which was about being treated equally.

As fans of the actor know, Terry sparked backlash again online when he tweeted about "black supremacy." The Longest Yard alum claimed that defeating "white supremacy" without white people was counterproductive and would lead to another kind of tyranny and racism.

Tyler James William, Terry Crew's co-star on Everybody Hates Chris , said that he loved the actor, but his tweets weren't helping the Black Lives Matter movement.

As it was noted above, Terry has been excoriated online before, including when he supposedly failed to back up Gabrielle Union amid her departure from America's Got Talent. Regardless, it appears that Terry Crews does care deeply about the cause.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Terry and the writers of Brooklyn Nine-Nine completely scrapped several scripts of the popular television series due to the political protests around the country. Initially, Terry claimed the protests would definitely have an impact on the show.

Not long after, it was confirmed that the writers had completely changed the plot-line of several episodes to make it more topical and relevant to the events of 2020.

Previously, the actor told a story about the time he was mistakenly held at gunpoint. Terry wondered out loud if his 14-year-old son would be safe from police brutality while growing up in the United States of America.

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