Terry Crews Addresses Gabrielle Union's AGT Exit Once Again

Terry Crews Addresses Gabrielle Union's AGT Exit Once Again
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Terry Crews recently described America's Got Talent workplace as the most "diverse workplace" he had ever worked in, amid the investigation into the claims made by Gabrielle Union about the supposedly racist environment in which she worked. Union complained of a "toxic culture" on the show.

According to Page Six, Terry sat down with the hosts of Today on Thursday where he explained that his experience working on America's Got Talent was great. He stated that he couldn't address issues of sexism, but "(he) can speak on behalf of any racist comments," and there was none, at least in his experience.

Crews went on to say that the set of America's Got Talent was easily the "most diverse place" he has ever worked. Fans of the actor know that he has 20 years of experience working in the entertainment industry.

Terry has been tangentially involved in the Union- AGT scandal since it first began. As it was previously reported, Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union both announced their exit in November after just one season.

Insiders who spoke with Variety complained of a "toxic" culture on the set of the show, with producers supposedly telling Union that her constantly changing hairstyles were "too black."

The 51-year-old, on Thursday, claims he asked his wife if he should talk to Gabrielle before releasing a statement, and she told him that if Gabrielle didn't, then neither should he. Since Union's departure, she has remained silent on the matter but did thank all of the people out there who supported her with kind words.

Followers of the quasi-scandal know that stars such as Debra Messing and Ellen Pompeo were among those who defended her. Additionally, in December, Crews took to his Twitter to say that Gabrielle was "the best," and added she would be missed.

Fans online accused Terry of not defending and supporting her enough. Crews claimed he never reached out tot he actress but hasn't heard anything on her end either.


As it was previously reported, Terry was condemned by social media users for not supporting her as much as she purportedly supported him during his controversial Adam Vinet incident. Terry accused the Hollywood agent of groping him at a party.

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