Terra Jole Opens Up About How Tough It Is Executive Producing And Starring In Little Women LA

Terra Jole Opens Up About How Tough It Is Executive Producing And Starring In Little Women LA
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Terra Jole catches flak from both co-stars and viewers for her behavior on Little Women LA because she is one of the executive producers as well as a cast member. However, if you ask her -- she doesn't get any special treatment.

Terra is the one who pitched the show idea to Hollywood executives. The series is produced by a company called Kinetic who Jole has nothing but praise for.

In a podcast interview with Erica and Melissa Eckman, she spilled the tea on what actually happens behind-the-scenes.

'I know that there has been some animosity in the past but at the end of the day, Kinetic [Content], the production company, has been very professional with keeping it separate, and I think that has made everything a lot easier when it comes to handling on-screen versus any kind of executive producer [duties].'

Much like Jax Taylor's sentiments on why the Vanderpump Rules dynamic works so well, Terra credits it to the fact that they all knew each other for years before the show came into fruition.

'I think that it was a long time coming, but more so it's not even about the EP side of it, it's about the on-screen. We were all girlfriends before this show ever started. And I think that's what makes it rich and that's what makes it different than the other shows that you see out there. I think that was the easiest part for me was casting friends and enemies. I never thought I would give so many of my enemies a job.'

The enemy the Lifetime personality is likely speaking of is Christy McGinity who she has been going back and forth with for many seasons. The most recent drama involving the high school comrades was when T erra attacked Christy about her past as an alcoholic.

Regardless of the animosity between the two, the former backup dancer denies that she dislikes McGinity.

'I don't dislike anyone. We're around these people since we were very young, and so we definitely know all the ins and outs of what it's like to hit them where it hurts kind of thing.'

Do you think Terra takes advantage of being an EP?

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