Little Women LA's Terra Jole Limits Her Social Media Comments After Being Slammed For Bullying Christy Gibel

Little Women LA's Terra Jole Limits Her Social Media Comments After Being Slammed For Bullying Christy Gibel
Credit: Source: OK!

Christy Gibel and Terra Jole have never seen eye to eye both in real life and on their reality show Little Women LA. After fans flocked to Terra's post to express their opinion on their latest dispute, the mother of two limited her comments so only certain people can leave a message.

Christy and Terra have allegedly been at it since they were in high school. From a bar fight to a dropped lawsuit -- the two seemingly always end up in an even worse place no matter how many apologies they give out.

The latest argument erupted when Terra accused Christy of babying her teen daughter which led to another fight in which the 39-year-old brought up Christy's alcoholism and the fact that she got her kids taken away as a result of it.

Viewers didn't like the way Jole treated her co-star and made sure to let her know on one of her recent Instagram posts.

One commentator said: 'You are completely out of control to treat a person the way you treated Christi. You know damn well she wasn't throwing shade at your kid. You just needed an excuse.'


Another commented: 'I think you need to learn how to listen to people before reacting because it makes you come off as a bully.'

Someone else added: 'I have been watching this show since it first aired. I see right through you and your bullying. Shame on you for the way you treat Chrissy. You are always attacking her and pointing out her so called lies as if you character is any better than being a liar. You make me not want to watch anymore, the others are Way I watch.'

This follower wants to see her change her ways: 'OMG I’m watching the latest episode and watching you spin the argument to your favor...such a disappointment this season. Hopefully you’ll see yourself and make a change for next season.'

The comment section has been customized so only people that she follows can leave their thoughts -- and they appear to be a lot nicer.

Gibel recently said that she will not be doing Little Women LA anymore but later edited her caption. What do you think about Terra's recent behavior?


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