Ms. Minnie - Police Determines She Was ‘At Fault’ For The Accident That Took Her Life

Ms. Minnie - Police Determines She Was ‘At Fault’ For The Accident That Took Her Life
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As fans of ‘Little Women: Atlanta’ have most likely already heard, Ashley Ross, also known as Ms. Minnie, has lost her life in a car accident at the age of only 34. That being said, according to the new reports, the fatal crash was caused by the late reality TV star.

The police claim in an official report that Ross simply lost control of her car so she has been determined to be ‘at fault’ for the accident that killed her.

TMZ was the first to obtain the police report that states: ‘Ms. Minnie: from Lifetime’s Little Women: Atlanta, was responsible for the deadly car crash near Atlanta that killed her on April 26.’

The report goes on to detail the accident, saying that she lost control and therefore ended up swerving into opposing traffic.

This conclusion was apparently based both on eyewitness testimony as well as the responding officer’s observation at the scene.

Police also explained that she briefly drove off-road before swinging her car back to the left violently, crashing with another car that was coming from the opposite side.

Ashley was unresponsive when the authorities showed up and was later pronounced dead.

Later on, her family confirmed she had passed away in a statement released via Instagram.

Furthermore, a statement from the celeb’s rep also followed.

It reads: ‘It is with profound sadness we confirm on behalf of the whole family of Ashley Ross, also known as “Ms Minnie,” from Little Women Atlanta, has succumbed to her injuries from a tragic hit and run accident today, April 27th at the age of only 34. The family respectfully asks for privacy while they grieve during this difficult time.’

The memorial service is expected to take place this weekend but it will only be attended by 10 of her closest people because of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

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