Teresa Giudice Has ‘Mixed Emotions’ Over Daughter Gia Starting College

Teresa Giudice Has ‘Mixed Emotions’ Over Daughter Gia Starting College
Credit: Source: youtube.com

Teresa Giudice is super happy and proud that her oldest daughter is starting college at Rutgers University this fall. However, she is also sad she has to send her away and has to adapt without her in the family home.

In other words, the reality TV star has mixed emotions when it comes to this brand new chapter Gia is starting.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Teresa Giudice is struggling and having mixed emotions as Gia goes away to school.’

As fans know, Teresa documented the whole moving process a few days ago, showing her brother Joe Gorga helping out with the luggage and furniture and the 18 year old saying goodbye to the family dog among other things.

Speaking of Joe, the source mentioned that ‘She’s so thankful to have her brother there to help while Joe Giudice is away.’

In the meantime, Gia’s father, Joe is still in the custody of ICE awaiting a decision regarding his deportation.

This means that he is missing yet another milestone in his kids’ lives.

‘She always knew this day would come, but it’s a challenge not having Joe Giudice there to do this together. Joe Gorga's really stepped up big time when it comes to helping the girls and doing things that their dad would normally do,’ the insider dished.

Furthermore, ‘Teresa is so happy for Gia who is beyond words excited to be a college student.’

However, that is not to say she will not miss having her by her side daily.

The 18 year old helped her mom with taking care of her younger sisters as well so that Teresa can have more time for herself.

Of course, that is not exactly why she is so emotional ever Gia leaving for college. Her little girl is all grown up and leaving the nest and that is always hard for parents.


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