Prince William And Prince Harry Will Ignore Their Ongoing Feud To Honor Princess Diana

Prince William And Prince Harry Will Ignore Their Ongoing Feud To Honor Princess Diana
Credit: Source: People

August 31st marks the 22nd anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, and despite their ongoing feud, Prince William and Prince Harry will reportedly come together to honor their late mother. Remembering their mom on the anniversary of the day she died is an annual tradition for the royal brothers, and they will spend the day together so they can share memories and discuss how they can continue their philanthropic efforts.

Princess Diana died on August 31, 1997 - one of the saddest days in British royal history - after suffering fatal injuries in a car crash that took place in a Paris tunnel. Her death shocked the world, and for 15-year-old William and 12-year-old Harry, it was life-altering.

The two boys were incredibly close to their mother, and she was extremely protective of her sons while they were growing up, constantly shielding them from the media and taking the brunt of the British press herself.

For those who remember, the global attention given to Princess Diana was unprecedented and cameras captured her every move. Sadly, this media attention contributed to her death, as the car she was in was speeding away from the paparazzi when it crashed.

According to Us Weekly, every year William and Harry get together on August 31st to honor their mom, and this year won’t be any different even though they are allegedly feuding.

“They talk about the little things about Diana that made them laugh: the ski trips and outings to Thorpe Park [a British amusement park]; the effort she went to on their birthdays...all of it,” says an insider.

William and Harry also discuss Diana’s charity work and “brainstorm ways they can continue her legacy” because “helping others and being a role model to those less fortunate is at the top of their priority list,” says the insider.

The brothers started the Royal Foundation in 2009 to honor Diana’s charity work, but earlier this year they parted ways, as Harry and Meghan Markle left to do their own thing and put the Royal Foundation in the hands of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Prince William and Prince Harry will reportedly spend most of the day by themselves, and then Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, and their children will “join them later.”


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