Taylor Swift Firing Her Team Members Who Convinced Her To Do Cats After Movie Bombed, Says Report

Taylor Swift Firing Her Team Members Who Convinced Her To Do Cats After Movie Bombed, Says Report
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A new report about Taylor Swift and her movie flop Cats is going viral, even though some sources are debunking it. The story comes from the National Enquirer who says that Taylor is so upset by Cats bombing in the box office and not making her the next singer turned Oscar-nominated actress like Lady Gaga, that she is firing everyone in her team who convinced her to do the movie. Though some outlets are discrediting the report, many people believe it is true, simply because Cats performed so terribly and reportedly became an embarrassment to those who starred in it.

In the January 20, 2020, issue of the National Enquirer, an anonymous source reported the following.

"Taylor had hoped this would be her star-making entree into becoming a massive Hollywood star —and now she's worried it might ruin her! This is her worst nightmare coming to life! Taylor's so furious, she's looking to ax anyone on her team who helped convince her that this was a great project to launch her career as an actress."

Taylor has acted in movies before but never did she have such a big starring role as she did in Cats. She even co-wrote a song with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber that has gone on to acclaim. Unfortunately for Taylor, her acting as Bombalurina hasn't.

Cats was a huge disaster and hasn't even recouped its filming costs! If Taylor thought Cats was going to bring her to the forefront of the acting world she was in for a terrible shock. Some film critics gave the film zero stars for the first time in their careers! The movie has trended on social media for all the wrong reasons and has turned into a playground for meme creators!

The movie was so bad that something virtually unheard of happened. After the movie's holiday release, the director Tom Hooper tried a last-ditch effort to save the film and sent a newer, updated version of the movie hoping that would help save the film — it didn't.

The source continued and stated the following.

"The people around her are walking on eggshells because they've never seen Taylor this upset before. She's blaming everyone for this dismal failure. Everything she's touched has turned to gold for her —until this. The claws are out!"

What do you think about the report? Do you believe the National Enquirer's report about Taylor Swift firing her team members for encouraging her to join the cast of Cats ?

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