Taylor Swift Donates $113,000 And Includes Hand-Written Note In Support Of LGBT Cause In Tennessee

Taylor Swift Donates $113,000 And Includes Hand-Written Note In Support Of LGBT Cause In Tennessee
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On the 8th of April, Monday, Taylor Swift gave approximately $113,000 to an LGBTQ group, the Tennessee Equality Project, and she also included a hand-written note. Chris Sanders posted the note on Facebook and shared Taylor Swift's generous addition to their campaign.

As fans of Taylor know, she has been actively involved in political issues as of late, moreover, after criticism from some of her celebrity cohorts like Katy Perry, for instance. Finally, she came out and got involved in Tennessee politics, the state from which she's from.

It was reported last year that Taylor Swift urging her fans to vote sparked a huge increase in the number of voter registrations during the mid-term elections.

Previously, it was reported by Us Weekly that Taylor's encouragement on social media for her fans to vote led to an explosion in voter registration, however, it wasn't revealed how many of those people actually came out to vote. On her Instagram, Taylor said she had typically tried to stay away from political issues, but she felt it was time for her to make a change.

You can check out Chris Sanders Facebook post on Taylor's contribution below:


Supposedly, the organization's purpose is to defend LGBTQ causes in the court, through lobbying federal officials. Moreover, as Chris wrote in his statement, "that means we lobby the Tennessee General Assembly and local governments around the state." When there are important issues to vote on, they help ensure LGBTQ voices are heard with federal officials.

As it was previously reported, Swift has given money for charitable causes before. Last year in September, Taylor gave $10,000 to a little boy with autism so he could get his own therapy dog. Taylor also gave to the Houston food bank following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

Reportedly, Taylor's court case against, David Mueller, the radio DJ who groped her during a photo, led to her interest in getting involved with political affairs. Taylor sued Mr. Mueller for a symbolic $1, suggesting it was more about showing what's right, rather than money.

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