Tami Roman Says She Is Not Friends With Shaunie O'Neal -- Refers To Evelyn Lozada As A 'Demon Seed'

Tami Roman Says She Is Not Friends With Shaunie O'Neal -- Refers To Evelyn Lozada As A 'Demon Seed'
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The latest season of Basketball Wives was Tami Roman's last. It was believed that although she was leaving the show, she was still cool with Shaunie O'Neal.

It turns out that the two are no longer friends. Roman was barely present for the installment that mainly centered around  OG Chijindu and Evelyn Lozada's beef.

For the record, Tami was very clearly #teamOG and often reprimanded her co-stars for not having the athletes back during the scenes she weren't involved in.

As far as what turned her relationship with Shaunie sour, it seemingly started when they combined Basketball Wives franchise.

Roman explained to Keyshia Cole on her Fox Soul talk show that Shaunie played a part in her departure.

'I thought in my mind that we were close. I thought we had a camaraderie and a sisterhood and a mutual respect for each other. I found out over the past three seasons that the lack of friendship was shown rather than the sisterhood as it pertained to me, which was unfortunate because I care for Shaunie.'


She referred to Evelyn Lozada as a demon seed.

'The whole dynamic changed. And for me it was just not a happy place to be once she returned. And this is no secret. She doesn’t like me, she has never liked me, I tried to be friends, and so now I’ve accepted that she doesn’t like me, so now I don’t like you. I tried numerous times. I really truly did, and to find out that there were a lot of workings going on behind the scenes and emails being sent and negative, derogatory things being said about my health and my miscarriages all the way up to the network executives, I felt like at that point, that was crossing a line for me. So there was no way we could have ever worked together, for me.'

Do you think Shaunie and Tami will ever reunite?


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  • Nyisha Parker
    Nyisha Parker Mar 16, 2020 7:47 AM PDT

    Lets be clear from the beginning Tammi has been a bully. So classless. She has gotten into it with everyone. Mika Clampton was a good fit and tammi ran her off. Glad to see Jennifer make her return dressing skills always on point. Shaunie spineless. No Evelyn no show just sayin.

  • patricia barrett
    patricia barrett Mar 15, 2020 9:34 PM PDT

    Shaune. really I thought u were a really straight person but after watching I really notice how u danced around a number of things. Not good...... U may need to call things just as they are if you are wrong then you r wrong... maybe next season you will be a lot harder on your friends and check them when they are wrong.. .

  • Gail
    Gail Feb 23, 2020 11:46 PM PST

    I cant stand Shaunie, she throws rocks then hides her hands. She and Evelyn can kick those same rock. Shaunie when she has sex with your new man (like she did with your husband) maybe you'll finally cut her a loose...maybe not. I applaud you Tammy for being the only REAL one on the damn show!

  • Creola
    Creola Feb 23, 2020 9:25 PM PST

    Coming up I'm sorry although I do prefer Tammi over Evelyn she can't blame them not being friends on Evelyn or Shawnee when Evelyn came to Basketball Wives LA she was trying her hardest to befriend Tammy they even got cool it was Tammy and Jennifer scheming against Evelyn to tell Shaunie that Evelyn slept with her ex shaunie didn't feel like that was cool if that was her friend why she kept it so long that's when things started going left for these ladies Tami did that that one

  • Linda Rodriguez
    Linda Rodriguez Feb 23, 2020 5:58 PM PST

    I don't understand what the problem is with Evelyn Lozado. O.G. is the problem. Kick her off the show. I only started watching Basketball Wives When Evelyn came back. Soooo sad, she has to leave again. Smh😭😂💔

  • Michele B
    Michele B Feb 23, 2020 2:16 PM PST

    They all are super messy and in need of some therapy. They all have anger and self issues. Friends one minute, not the next, cattyness cussin gossiping behind each other's back and fighting 🙄🙄 pathetic. I would look back on episodes and be so embarrassed if I were them. Puts black women of all shades in a negative light. Classless. Too much time on their hands.

  • Coretta
    Coretta Feb 23, 2020 11:39 AM PST

    Tami, in the beginning of the basketball wives franchise you were a drunk, loud, rude, out of control, & thought yu could beat any & everyone. Fastward! You leave the one show, that kept yu relevant. I'm thinking ok, Tami is good. Wait!!..Headlines; "Roman & O'Neal are not friends". Dang! Ms. Roman... --Do you really think Shaunie, or Evelyn gives 3 fks if you talk to them??..newsflash! NO! I thought maybe, just maybe yourself would've mentally caught up with your age at this point. Let go, and live your life. They don't check for you, do they?? No! Bury that elementary, grade school crap. Move one, take swimming lessons, learn to knit, increase your net pay..something. Gesh!

  • JV
    JV Feb 22, 2020 7:27 PM PST

    I really taught Shaunie O’Neal was more classy than what she is, but seems to me she is letting Evelyn Lozada dicate to her how she should run things even after she know the kind of woman that Evelyn is . She mess around with all of her so call friends ex-husband. Shaunie, can’t you see she is just trying to make sure your family is always broken, just like hers. Misery love company. WAKE UP SHAUNIE O’NEAL.

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