Tami Roman Talks About Shifting The Narrative And What She's Been Up to According To Her New And Past Shows

Tami Roman Talks About Shifting The Narrative And What She's Been Up to According To Her New And Past Shows
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Tami Roman is an American Tv personality and businesswoman. She's one of the most beautiful women on Tv and has gained a lot of followers through the shows she has been in. She's working on some new exciting shows as well and fans are incredibly excited to see what she comes up with.

Tami Roman is hoping that her fans will support her throughout her new journey. She started a new show called "Caught in the Act: Unfaithful" which is meant to catch cheaters in the act. In a recent interview, she sat down to discuss how grateful she was for every opportunity that had been given to her.

Many people believe that they have grown up with Tami Roman. Tami is just hoping that fans can always support her through anything that she tries or goes through. Tami then stated that all the opportunities she had been given were something that she had always wanted.

She did feel however that the things that she wanted to do a long time ago were things that were not supported on the networks she had worked for. She mentioned taking her life into her own hands and creating her opportunities. She stated that blessings were raining down on her like never before.

Fans have been so proud of her for coming so far. Many of her fans have been with her from the start and they have grown up with her. Due to this, they have unwavering loyalty to her. Fans also called her an inspiration as they have seen where she came from.

Tami has mentioned taking the narrative into her own hands. She wants to control how her life turns out and fans could not be happier for her. Since she mentioned that she felt like she didn't belong, fans have been ecstatic about her finding herself and controlling her life story the way that she wants.


Many fans have supported her from the very start and that's why they will continue to do so. Her new show has come out on July 18 on VH1. The episodes will be back to back and fans can fully enjoy her passion through this project.

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