Tamar Braxton's Fans Criticize Her For Some Things She Said About Usher, Lil Kim, And Nicki Minaj

Tamar Braxton's Fans Criticize Her For Some Things She Said About Usher, Lil Kim, And Nicki Minaj
Credit: BET

Tamar Braxton found herself in hot water after some things she said regarding Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. Check out the video below just in case you missed it the other day!

Some people bashed Tamar not understanding what exactly she had to say about these stars.

Tamar said: 'What I said was Kim did pave the way for Nicki and in return Nicki paved the way for others too! What I don’t agree with is the artist being pinned against each other 🗣I said what I said 🤷🏽‍♀️ still love Usher tho❤️'

A follower posted this: 'They are really dragging it. Usher is just saying Lil Kim paved the way for her. Lil Kim was her inspiration.'

A follower said: 'Tamar shut up! You mad because of your failed career. You were all up in Queen Bee’s face. Usher never said Kim is the reason Nicki has her talents. He said SHE IS A PRODUCT KIM. which is true, Kim is the blueprint. There is no female rap album better than hardcore other than La Bella M.A.F.I.A...you don’t even rap, how dare you speak something you know so little about...'

One commenter wrote: 'Thank you for what you said about Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. It’s unnecessary and unfair to keep comparing these women and to give someone else credit for Nicki’s hard work and success. As a Black woman, I see and experience that a lot in my profession so I appreciate what you said. We all stand on someone’s shoulders but the journeys we take to success are often very isolating ans reflect our individual talent, hard work, and dedication. ❤️'

Someone else posted this: 'Thanks for showing respect to both rap queens.'

One follower said: '@tamarbraxton you should steer clear of that Madison dude ... nothing good comes from playing with a 🐍 unless you’re into being bitten.'

In other news, for Kandi Burruss' birthday, Tamar made sure to post the most emotional message that she could think of.


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