Porsha Williams Makes Fans' Day With This Video That She Shared On Her Social Media Account

Porsha Williams Makes Fans' Day With This Video That She Shared On Her Social Media Account
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Porsha Williams shared a video on her social media account the had fans talking in the comments. Check out her post below and have a great laugh - some of her fans were cracking up, as you will see.

'Is 21-year-old LaToya Thompson just missing or was she murdered? Rose Cranberry will not rest until she cracks the case. This is #LookingforLaToya #InsecureHBO @insecurehbo @the_a_prentice @issarae @hbo,' Porsha captioned her post.

Someone said: 'These shows inside the show be everything! Sza!! Kandi and Cole her parents! You and Ray J,' and another follower posted this message: 'Wait LaToya is SZA. And is that Kandi and Cole from Martin in the family portrait.'

One other commenter wrote: 'I got invested in looking for Latoya that I forgot it was apart of Insecure lol,' and someone else said: 'I’ve been trying to figure out if that was Sza for days now.'

A follower wrote: 'I didn’t realize Latoya was (or is if she’s still alive 👀) a Delta. Find my Soror now!!!' and another commenter posted this message: 'When does this come on cause I'm into it just after only seeing a preview of it LMAO tell me plz.'

Another follower said that 'I’m more interested in the show within the show than I am with the actual show. 🤣'

Other than this, Porsha made sure to flaunt her merch recently on her social media account as well.

'#MercialBreak Get your best rest 💤 on a set of my @PamperedByPorsha sheets 😍 Experience the softest sheets, amazing quality and the perfect fit! Plus we have a selection of amazing curated colors #SWIPE for more of my faves! Full line on site❗️FREE SHIPPING ❗️Order yours today while supplies last🚨ONLY AT PAMPEREDBYPORSHA.COM🚨PS: If you’ve received your sheets be sure to ⚡️TAG ME⚡️ in your pics for a chance to be featured 😘' Porsha captioned her post.

Fans made sure to praise her products like they always do.

Porsha recently made her fans laugh once again with another video that she shared.

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