Tamar Braxton's BF David Adefeso Tells Fans That Knowledge Is Power, While Offering More Advice

Tamar Braxton's BF David Adefeso Tells Fans That Knowledge Is Power, While Offering More Advice
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Tamar Braxton's BF, David Adefeso continues to offer precious advice to fans during the global crisis. Check out the most recent video that he shared on his social media account.

'Knowledge is Power - So as we fight in the streets to take our power back against those who will deprive us of our basic, God-given human rights, I will show you, starting this week, how we can also take our power back economically in our boardrooms and ivory towers. And this can only be done through acquiring knowledge; knowledge which I will teach you,' David began his post.

He continued and explained that 'Over the next few weeks, I will pull the curtain behind the opaque but powerful and often misunderstood word, “Investments.” What are the investments? How can I acquire them to become rich and rise to become one of the 1%? How can I use investments to help my children rise to become everything that God has ordained for them and make “sleep money” in the process? Stay tuned... I will break it all down for you and empower you with the tools necessary to rise from the status of oppressed to that of victory!'

Somoene said: 'Thank you so much for always wanting to empower us. God bless you,' and another follower posted this message: 'Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us. Will be following.'

One upset commenter wrote: 'will make it a point to shop on 7/7 For the month of July food only!! I fast on the 4th of July ..like I do every year not just after a tragic murder of another black person ...pray that God opens the eyes to all who celebrate the 4th of July!! The Holiday that celebrates freedom..freedom in an ere where only white people in this country were free..they will continue to kill us with no consequences as long as we follow them in the deepest show of hypocrisy!! I 'll be damned if I allow a self-serving Christmas toys and Turkey handout So-called Celebrity set a day for me to boycott...'

The same follower above noted that 'Celebrities that overindulge and rub shoulders with the same 1% that allow our people to die like dogs in the street. Enjoy your 4th of July right along with the poor people of color who will spend their last dime to celebrate the 4th of July!!!and won’t have any money left on July 7th anyway!! Sorry I’m not a Celebrity worshipper ..I’ve lost all respect for all of you!'

Someone praised David and said: 'This man right here is so complete I am jealous of Tamar.'

In other news, David took part in the LA protests, and he made sure to share some videos from the streets. He also had some important messages to share for followers.

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