Porsha Williams' Fans Are Proud Of Her And Dennis McKinley For Being Proactive During The Protests

Porsha Williams' Fans Are Proud Of Her And Dennis McKinley For Being Proactive During The Protests
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Porsha Williams' fans could not be prouder of her and Dennis McKinley after she shared some videos featuring the two of them out, peacefully protesting. Now, she shared a message for her fans, and they had only kind words for her and the family.

Check out Porsha's post below.

'Tonight in Atlanta! If you or a loved one detained for peacefully protesting call 678.243.0824 or email [email protected] we have Bail + Legal on standby! @workwincelebrate,' Porsha captioned her post.

A follower said: 'Porsha, I am so proud and astonished at how you and Dennis are being proactive. It’s beyond admirable. Your grandfather is smiling down at you. Your character development over the years with this to top it off? Grade A. PJ your mother and father are amazing.'

Someone else posted this: 'What about justice for Patrick Underwood a black officer killed by looters last night? And the black business owners who lost everything by violent “protesters”.'

A commenter wrote: 'what about it? Should she be responsible for everything? She chose her platform to help, now you choose yours. Call Patrick's family and see how you can contribute since you care so much,' and one other follower said: 'You are making me more proud to be a woman and a BLACK WOMAN at that!'

A commenter praised Porsha and said: 'You are God sent Porsha! You’re making your ancestors so proud.'

Someone else said: 'Everyone should be helping because freedom of speech still exists and people should not be arrested for peacefully protesting! It’s sickening.'

One follower posted: 'It's always a good idea to write these numbers on protesters' arms with sharpie beforehand. ❤️ Thank you, I am with you.'

Other than this, Porsha shared videos and images from the Atlanta protests which she attended with Dennis McKinley, and fans continued to praise both of them.


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