Tamar Braxton Reveals The Best Thing She Ever Did For Herself And How She Cried About It

Tamar Braxton Reveals The Best Thing She Ever Did For Herself And How She Cried About It
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It was a very wild 2018 for Tamar Braxton, who went through a whirlwind of emotions and took her fans with her.

This week, Toni Braxton's loving sister did a lengthy interview where she spoke about the good, the bad, and all the tears she shed last year.

Talking to EURweb , Vincent Herbert's estranged wife said one of the highlights of the past year was the fact she wept on her birthday after taking the decision to cut all her hair off.

Tamar said: "It was the best thing I ever did for myself. It was the week of my birthday, and I remember talking to my father, and I was like, “I’m going to the hairdresser to get a weave,” you know everybody wants to look cute on their birthday. I got to the hairdresser, and I just felt the urge to cut my hair off. It wasn’t supposed to be a fashion statement, a statement that I’m going through something, that I wanted to overcome something. It was something that I felt, and it was like a real gut feeling. And I remember I went to Kim Kimble’s hair salon, and I remember they had a meeting about who was actually going to cut my hair. They was all in a huddle talking about, “I’m not cutting her hair. I’m not cutting her hair.” And I said, “Now listen, here’s the thing. If don’t nobody cut my hair, I’m gonna do it. So we need to figure out who’s going to cut my hair.” And it was like, “Well how about we do a Mohawk? Let’s cut off the sides, and we’ll just put some track in the middle, and you can flip it on each side,” and they kinda talked me into it, and so I did it. "

She continued with: "And then the next day, the very next morning, showed up at the hair salon and I said, “Cut it off.” And I remember, when she cut it off, I got the chills, and she cried, I cried, I don’t know why [laughter]. We hugged, and it was just like a beautiful taking my power back moment; me being fearless about whatever. I’m not afraid to talk about nothing… I’m not afraid to move forward; I’m not afraid of my past… I just want to be a better person, and it was just about me starting fresh. And to be honest, I still can’t let my hair grow. It’ll get to a certain length, and I have to cut it back off again, I guess because you know, my growth isn’t finished yet, so I have to pay attention to it."

Tamar also confessed that 2019 is looking great thanks to her new man and new TV shows.

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