Kenya Moore's Natural Hair In Funny Picture Has 'RHOA' Fans Smiling And Critics Puzzled

Kenya Moore's Natural Hair In Funny Picture Has 'RHOA' Fans Smiling And Critics Puzzled
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Big hair and Kenya Moore does not care. The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star has a new hilarious photo on social media that has fans laughing crazily.

Moore appears in the picture with her natural hair wild and free. Marc Daly's wife explained that after having baby Brooklyn, it has been hard to find time to care for her long hair.

She wrote: "When you’re a new mom and don’t have time to do your hair! 😝 I need some @kenyamoorehaircare ASAP! Now available at @sallybeauty. #motherhood #allmine #noweave #growrealhair #kenyamoorehaircare #longhair #newmom #reallife."

One fan warned Moore that she might suffer some hair loss as a new mother and went on to say: "It only gets worse! Doing your babies hair is the new priority. But you are still slaying! #mommyhoodforlife"

Another commenter claimed: "Why are talking about shedding???! Just enjoy the picture and move on!!!! got DAMN😂😂😂😂 I love your hair Kenya!!!! wooohhhooo... You look happy as hell @thekenyamoore I don't see anywhere in your caption you saying anything about shedding or edges falling off....😂😂😂😂 if those women stopped being so catty and stressed out with jealousy maybe they would have adoring edges!!!! Next time keep it to yourself and maybe ask about how to help your dirt road edges! And stop hating on a sweetheart like Kenya! Stay away!"

This supporter shared: "That's not exactly true. I still take mine and mine fell out. It has fallen out with all of my children (only my edges tho). But I breastfed all of them, so I continued my Prenatals well after delivery. It's called postpartum shedding. Sometimes there is nothing you can do to stop it. Mine has always grown back within six months."

A third follower had this to say: "Omg lmaoooo #welcometothemomclub girl I had a preemie too. I couldn’t do SHIT! And if I did, I had the baby carrier on in my house to get things done, and he still cried. Whole first year stuck in bed w him on my lap ... but I wouldn’t have it any other way #mommasboy You’re still gorgeous girl! Enjoy your baby. You’ve waited long enough.❤️❤️"

Kenya's hair has a lot of character just like herself.

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