Tamar Braxton Posts Sizzling Picture Of David Adefesso And Thanked Him For Helping Her Deal With The Tantrums -- He Responds By Revealing Something Huge

Tamar Braxton Posts Sizzling Picture Of David Adefesso And Thanked Him For Helping Her Deal With The Tantrums -- He Responds By Revealing Something Huge
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A grateful Tamar Braxton has decided to post a sweet message for her boyfriend, David Adefeso, who helped her understand the real meaning of the word love.

Tamar spoke about that fact that she is dealing with mental health issues, and when she has an episode or tantrums, David steps in to help her battle her demons.

Tamar shared some handsome pictures of her man and used this caption:"The fact that I once thought that love was a feeling. The fact is every thing about that word is an action. To be patient and kind and giving, respectful, Honest, mature, nurturing, protective, present, problem solving ,a provider, Saved, Positive, considerate, all about family, is EVERYTHING that you are LOVE.. you won’t let me run and hide Nor have a tantrum 🙄 without communicating and facing ANY situation! Thank you for showing me that it’s not just about FEELINGS!! It’s DOING! #mylove💕💕💕 I’m so grateful for you🥰🥰 Happy just Being YOU day @david.adefeso."

David responded by: "My love you complete me.🤞🏽🤞🏽Before u I was lost in the wilderness, thirsty and searching for that thing I I’d heard existed but remained all too elusive. 😫😫 With every turn of the calendar I settled into the realization that I would be one of those unlucky few who never got to experience the true joy of experiencing life through the eyes of someone who makes every sunset more colorful, every bird’s chirp more beautiful and every glance more meaningful. 💥🔥Until that fateful day in the summer, I never imagined what real love felt like. You have strengthened me; you have loved me; you have brought me closer to my God; you complete me. I love you; you love me; together forever! Your Dave."

David added: "Meanwhile u about to meet my mama for real so now u trying to be nice. Oh I’m telling.🤣🤣"


One person replied: "I am so happy for you Tamar. The negativity doesn’t even need to be addressed. Don’t waste your energy on negative people. Misery loves company. Don’t acknowledge anything that doesn’t promote love, happiness, and positive vibes. Be happy and Be IN LOVE!!!! I’m loving you and David together. 😘"

Another commenter stated: "I'm SO happy for you! You look happy, and it shows that he's the cause. I've never seen you smile so hard on BFV. I pray he keeps you with this feeling. ❤️"

This follower shared: "Why do ppl get so annoyed at another person’s moments of PEACE, JOY, LOVE, HAPPINESS, SUCCESS!!!?...🤦🏾‍♀️ No matter if it’s a “forever love” or fleeting...it’s hers!!! Let her enjoy it in PEACE...ppl should learn to keep scrolling if they don’t like the vibes because negative comments say more about you than the person you intended to offend🤷🏾‍♀️. Enjoy every moment of it @tamarbraxton."

Tamar seems to be maturing with his relationship.

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