Tamar Braxton Issues Stern Warning To Critics Of Toni's Split From Birdman: 'They Will Regret It'

Tamar Braxton Issues Stern Warning To Critics Of Toni's Split From Birdman: 'They Will Regret It'
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Clap back 2019 has begun, and Tamar Braxton is leading the way to protect her sister, Toni Braxton's honor and good name.

Tuesday night, Toni made the news that she and Bryan Christopher "Birdman" Williams have split official.

The R&B legend said she was eager to start a new chapter in 2019 and took the opportunity to delete all her pictures on Instagram.

Many applauded Toni for getting out of a romance that was no longer working while a few critics claimed that it was always fake and she was using Birdman for TV ratings. Tamar was not having it and decided to defend her sister.

Tamar said: "All of you can drag me to the ground (I honestly don’t care), but it’s 2019!!! Full fckn warning…come for ANY of my sisters and I promise u will regret it."

Toni recently hinted there was trouble in paradise by saying: “We were doing Braxton Family Values. We were going through a little drama. I was like okay, the wedding — it’s a good thing to get all the sisters together. But I couldn’t get us all together. The wedding is not a good reason because it’s messing up my relationship a little bit. He’s like, ‘Come on, Michelle (her middle name), set a date.'”

One fan said: "He wanted to be married by the end of the year and she was supposed to plan a wedding but kept waiting on her sisters, and with all that drama she kept delaying it then boop ring lost."

Another commenter wrote: "How can someone lose someone/something so beautiful? Always remember Toni, you are the ring, and you are the DIAMOND. Smile and continue to show your beauty. I hope this ain’t have nothing to do with anybody else. I hope it was an agreement between the two. Just don’t grow old and miserable like uh momma. Because child that lady is something else."

This supporter claimed: "I definitely saw this coming. Happy for her. Say what you want about Birdman, but I feel they’re a good mixture. Seems Toni’s health is on the incline. Also, even Birdman seems to be mending loose strings with his business dealings ???♥️♥️."

Tamar means business this year.

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