Toya Wright Goes Into 2019 Without Makeup -- She Removes Her Fake Eyelash And Looks Stunning In New Photo

Toya Wright Goes Into 2019 Without Makeup -- She Removes Her Fake Eyelash And Looks Stunning In New Photo
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A glowing Toya Wright plans to conquer the world in 2019, and she will do it with no makeup because her fans agree that she is flawless naturally.

Robert Rushing's baby mama took to social media where she unveiled a glorious makeup-free selfie and even dared to remove her long fake eyelashes.

Tiny Harris' BFF captioned the photo: "Embracing my natural glow. #nolashes #nomakeup #nofilter."

Toya has been spending a lot of time with fellow Boss Ladies Rasheeda Frost and Kandi Burruss because they are planning to launch a business together.

Toya explained: "Recap from last night at our Beautiful Bosses NYE dinner party thank you @shespersian and #hennessyblack... we had a ball! I’m really looking forward to releasing the new project that @rasheedadabosschick @kandi and I are working on in 2019. It’s time to do more uplifting, encouraging and supporting one another. That’s what the BBC movement is all about! We can’t wait to share more details with you guys. This is going to be an amazing year! I’m speaking that into existence.......Happy New Year everyone! Love and blessings ? #2019noroomforhate. ?: @hauseofglam."

Fans are backing the trio and telling Toya to stop using makeup.

One follower stated: "Gorgeous! Natural beauty is always flawless! Beautiful ladies ?those some bad shoes Rasheeda let me get those lol. Toya, out of all the outfits in the world ??‍♀️ but you still the cutest one. Peace and love family tap in with @williamkinghollis for the new Year Real Motivation simply empowering his people."

This person went after Rasheeda for still being with cheating Kirk: "A whole different type of beauty. Toya, why you are hanging out with those silly women you’re encouraging you’re a man to cheat on you hanging out with them and all the foolishness. Girl you are so awesomely beautiful as a natural and with makeup love you girl god bless take care."

A third commenter said: "So much beauty in one pic. Yes.......?? 2019 will be a fantastic year!! I’m speaking it into existence as well...?I love Y'all..Happy New Year ladies?❤️Beautiful ladies! Rasheeda has a style of her own. Can you sale me your beauty secret for your skin my god it’s gorgeous."

Toya is ready to make a splash.

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