Tamar Braxton Is Ready To Make Her Musical Comeback In Stunning Photo -- Fans Can't Wait

Tamar Braxton Is Ready To Make Her Musical Comeback In Stunning Photo -- Fans Can't Wait
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Tamar Braxton has been through the wringer these past few years. Music is her main outlet so she sure has a heck of a story to tell and fans are impatiently waiting for new music from the R&B songstress.

Tamar made a return to Instagram where he shared a beautiful photo of herself captioned: ' I’m ready to pour some pain into my music.'

Fans, including celebrities like Porsha Williams, Nene Leakes, and Tiny Harris , had nothing but words of encouragement for the reality star.

'OMG it’s gonna be even more amazing then it already is,' read one comment.

'First half pain! 2nd half Healing!!!!' said another.

This person wrote: 'My Tay Tay!!... May all your pain pay you royally and with royalties,' cleverly wrote one follower.

This one stated: 'We ready!! Sis yo last album... whew Chile my friends hated me. I blasted it tf out.'

Another advised her: 'ake your time mama. ❤️ Be happy, well & whole.'

This comes after Tamar opened up about her struggle with mental health while also going through a terrible break up.

'I’ve allowed my talents to be used for the wrong reasons. I have allowed myself to be used in too many “angry black girl” narratives. I’m not angry at all. I have been battling mental health for some time now, and Let me tell y’all is not a joke. Nor is it a reason for anyone to call you “crazy”. I am praying for anyone that is on this same battle. I’ve realized in this time that the only thing I can control is the things I own.
I want to personally fight for brown girls to have more ownership and not just be a slave to the industry. Black women are the unvalued and unprotected. I am on a never ending battle to be the best Tamar Braxton I can be. God has brought me through alot so I would like to pass it on to use my voice to help brown women and ALL women in these similar situations. We all have the opportunity to evolve. For now on it’s me vs me.'

Hopefully, Tamar will find healing in music once more.

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