Tamar Braxton Gets A Look From BF David Adefeso That Sends A Chill Down Her Spine In Latest Video

Tamar Braxton Gets A Look From BF David Adefeso That Sends A Chill Down Her Spine In Latest Video
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It is official, Tamar Braxton and her businessman beau are living their best lives together. David Adefeso recently took to social media and he shared a clip where he is taking shots with the diva and TV host.

After drinking, David turned and looked at his lady love to more or less say, "you are fine, and I need you in my bed."

Tamar despite being busy getting drunk smiled back. Fans are going wild for David's amorous look.

One said: "Got damn that look at the end got me all hot and bothered. Sorry, Tamar but your man is Frye frfr✋."

Another commenter stated: "That look you gave Tamar at the end though! Zaddy gone get it tonight! OMG That's it the way he looked at her sent a Chill down my spine Yeees 😍😍 Something bout that Look ..O it is going down in yall bedroom. Me when I hear that ADINA HOWARD #NASTYGRIND Song in My head. 😆"

This third supporter shared: "I know that look. To love and be loved! 🤭🤭🤭🤗🤗🤗❤️ Warms my heart! You know what I love a good story! Periodt."

Going into a new relationship when one is already a parent is always tricky. It can get even messier when a figure with a very public position is involved, like Tamar -- but it looks like the talented singer has been enjoying the active support of her son, who has been doing his best to ensure that his mom will get along as best as possible with her new boyfriend.

Adorable Logan even pulled some fantastic moves to bring the two closer together -- at one point, he took his mom by the hand and invited her to dance along with David.

The two enjoyed a lot of attention from their respective families, and Logan himself seemed happy with what he had done.

David, the new boyfriend of Tamar, also expressed happiness and an overall sense of peace with the situation.

And many of his and Tamar's fans have been nothing but excited about the way things between the two have been going.

There was some speculation at first that the relationship between them might not last long, and some of that seemed to stem precisely from the attitude displayed by Logan.

However, in the end, the boy seems well aware of how important this is to his mother, and has been doing his best to ensure that she is feeling calm and confident in her current relationship.

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