Bradley Cooper Takes Mini-Me Daughter To Disneyland As Lady Gaga Stans Finally Accept They Aren't Together

Bradley Cooper Takes Mini-Me Daughter To Disneyland As Lady Gaga Stans Finally Accept They Aren't Together
Credit: Source: A Star Is Born/Instagram

Bradley Cooper's relationship with Irina Shayk may be over but the two will forever share their beautiful daughter Lea. On Friday, Bradley Cooper was spotted enjoying some important bonding time with his mini-me two-year-old daughter Lea at Disneyland and photos of the pair are going viral. Many can't believe how much little Lea resembles her daddy as she has his bright, crystal blue eyes and a fair complexion. With supermodel Irina Shayk for her mother, there is no question that Lea has inherited from a blessed gene pool and Bradley has proved himself a devoted dad, continually spending time with his little angel since his split with Irina. While many people had suspected Bradley and Lady Gaga fell madly in love during the filming of the Oscar-wining A Star is Born, stand are finally accepting that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are not together.

After Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk split, many fans suspected that he and Lady Gaga would go forward as a couple. That never happened. In fact, Lady Gaga publicly denied rumors and gossip that she and Bradley were a couple and credited fans obsession with them as a couple to their acting. She explained that under Bradley Cooper's direction, the roles of Ally and Jack were ones that transcended the screen and fans could see their characters affection for each other when they performed at the Oscars.

Many fans just saw Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper share an incredible bond, but according to Lady Gaga, the bond is a professional one and also one that she will always cherish, but it wasn't a romantic relationship. Since Irina and Bradley split up, Lady Gaga has been spotted spending intimate time with Dan Horton. Now, some fans think that Lady Gaga and Dan Horton are in love.

What do you think of how Bradley Cooper is handling life as a single dad? While some stans are disappointed that Bradley and Lady Gaga aren't together, the award-winning actor and director is getting plenty of praise from the public who approves of the way he spends time with his daughter.

Bradley Cooper has 14 projects in the work, including the upcoming movie Nightmare Alley . He and Lady Gaga haven't announced any plans regarding working together again.


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