Tamar Braxton And BF David Adefeso Heat Up The Dance Floor In New Video

Tamar Braxton And BF David Adefeso Heat Up The Dance Floor In New Video
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David Adefeso and his lady love, Tamar Braxton, decided to have some wild fun and tear up the dance floor while in Louisiana.

Via social media, the "Pick Me Up" singer shared a sweet video where she and her businessman boyfriend, David, were in a bar, and she was dancing and having the time of her life.

David was not about to leave his girlfriend to get her groove alone, so he quickly dropped his phone and joined her.

The couple had the time of their lives, and fans loved the sweet moment.

Tamar had this to say about the clip: "Me and my @david.adefeso got our entire lives here at @essence bourbon street will NEVER be the same. 💕🥰"

One supporter wrote: "Go head yall!!! The simple, fun things of life don't cost a thing!!! I love you guys happiness ❤️ God Bless You Both!!! Tamar, You Are Looking Real Cornbread Fed Out Herrrrr 👀😍😍😍 Watching you transform your life and heal from your marriage gives me hope ever every dayer a brutally hard breakup for me. ♥️"

This backer had the following to say: "I like how he is on the phone and had to fix his shades but then finds her hand to hold. 😭💕Tamar: hair game ☑️ @tamarbraxton David: shoe game ☑️ @david.adefeso all of you really getting all of your life I love it 💛love them together. He can dance which makes for a good time lol."

This defender shared: "A lot of Black women on other posts are saying Tamar is fake because she is wearing a weave. At least she was not afraid to wear her own hair in a short natural style, for months and months, on TV, media, and concerts. A lot of Black women would rather die and be broke than wearing their own hair. Forgoing paying bills and not taking care of their children's future. Running up thousands and thousands of dollars, in debt, no financial future. If the shoe fits and you are badmouthing her, grow the hell up, take care of your own business. Tamar is more of a proud Black talented, brilliant woman than some of you will ever be. SMDH. GOOD FOR TAMAR 💖BEAUTIFUL ON THE INSIDE AS WELL AS THE OUTSIDE. TAMAR, WISHING YOU ALL THE SUCCESS IN YOUR LIFE.💜"

Tamaris really enjoying her life.

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