Tamar And Toni Braxton Turned Up At Their Late Niece Lauren's Birthday Party -- Video Still Lands Vincent Herbert's Ex In Trouble

Tamar And Toni Braxton Turned Up At Their Late Niece Lauren's Birthday Party -- Video Still Lands Vincent Herbert's Ex In Trouble
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Tamar Braxton has taken to social media along with her legendary sister, Toni Braxton, to write beautiful messages to their late niece, Lauren “LoLo” Braxton, on what would have been her 24th birthday.

Tamar has been dragged for not attending Lauren's funeral because she was too busy. The Braxton Family Values star explained in a video: “I’ve been M.I.A. because I just cannot bring myself to post about my niece. Like, I just can’t do it. But what I did want to say is I want to thank everyone for sending their condolences.”

After getting bashed, Tamar shared this sweet note about Lauren's birthday party: "We all fought over your favorite color😩😂😂!! U were for SHO in that conversation!! Happy 25th babygirl!! We all turned up for u yesterday and sent wishes for u with balloons in the sky! PURPLE wins!! 😩😂😂 with a hit of green... your spirit filled the room with a hint of “whatcha know bout me🤓” happy birthday Lo💕 miss u bunches."

Toni also wrote a message to her niece.

One person slammed Tamar: "U turned up for a party but was too tired to go to her funeral to offer your support to your brother. Smh. Wtf."

This person defended the mother of one: "She doesn't have to keep her mouth closed, and she didn't bring it to social media, and if she did so what, why does it bother you, it's her page, you don't have to come here. She just explained in her IG stories, which is gone in 24 hrs anyway, about why she thought about not going to her niece's funeral. And even if she didn't go, she had every right not to. Everyone doesn't handle death and grief the same at all. Y'all need to stop being insensitive jerks. Y'all are the ones that need be quiet and not comment. No offense."

Another commenter wrote: "She did go to her niece's homegoing. And some of you are still acting stupid and insensitive. I don't know why everybody is going in on this woman about how to handle death and grief. Everybody is not you or the next person. People take and handle things differently. There's plenty of people who don't attend funerals of loved ones or those close to them, because they can't handle it, emotionally or otherwise. And scared among other things. Y'all are forgetting this lady almost came close to her own mortality when she almost died from those blood clots. Her ex - husband almost died as well from them. So maybe that's why she didn't want to go at first cause it scared the heck out of her. Y'all can sit here in these comments and on social media and run your mouth all day about what will or won't, what should or shouldn't, what you will or won't do. Until it actually happens to you. Then you are behaving exactly as you said you wouldn't. It's a shame nobody has any empathy or compassion for anyone. And ish has to hit home before anyone understands. No wonder this world is in the free fall it's in. And y'all treat these celebrities as if they aren't human. They are a person first, that go thru the same ish we do every day. They just have more money and you judge their lives because they have a public platform, while you be scum bag in private. So what's different? But I digress. And before you say I'm defending her, no, this is just general truth and common sense."

Tamar is allowed to grieve how she feels.

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