Brad Pitt Finally Addresses Those Pesky Jennifer Aniston Dating Rumors After The Angelina Jolie Divorce

Brad Pitt Finally Addresses Those Pesky Jennifer Aniston Dating Rumors After The Angelina Jolie Divorce
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Brad Pitt has been getting pestered by questions about his relationship with Jennifer Aniston recently, and many fans seem interested in finding out whether the star has any plans of getting back together with his ex.

Moreover, while it was obvious that Pitt was getting a bit annoyed with the situation, he has finally decided to step forward and say something in response.

Or rather, he has decided to subtly mock those continually bringing up the topic.

After getting swarmed by yet another group of paparazzi questioning Pitt's relationship plans, the actor fired back with "oh my God," and told the interviewer to "have a good one."

This is not the first time Pitt has displayed annoyance over having to face this particular topic, but the actor has not been very vocal about his position on the situation until now.

Many of his fans have been supportive through this all, pointing out that the actor is being put in a pretty bad place by those constantly pestering him with these questions, and that people should leave him alone on that front.

Pitt has recently been going through a divorce with Angelina Jolie which is reportedly not going well in some ways, which has no doubt added fuel to the fire of those rumors.

Still, Pitt seems to be moving on with his life rather well right now, and the actor has not shown that the attacks are getting to him.

In fact, judging by his recent response, he might be taking things in a humorous way more than anything.

One insider stated: "Brad heard that Jen is single again and is aware that she is available. However, even though he occasionally thinks about her and even misses some of the good times they shared, he would not ask her out on a romantic date today."

The source added: "He is not interested in trying to rekindle anything they once had. He can relate to not having time to date; he too has a packed life and busy schedule, and no time for romance. However, Brad is unfazed by her latest comments about being single. He is focused on kids, his career and everything in his own life; any romance with Jen is in his past and will stay there."

Do you think Aniston feels the same way?

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  • Dee
    Dee May 12, 2019 9:35 PM PDT

    Brad should of known what a good woman he had when he married Jennifer, not only she's very beautiful. He also should of known what he was getting himself into when he stated with Angelina. Come on, she made out with her brother on TV eww, then made it known her & Billy Bob just had sex on the way to whatever award show, they wore each other's blood. So he had to know when they divorced she was gonna be the woman she is. Come on, she went after a married man & didn't care about anyone but herself. Brad you lost the good one & now look. Yes you have kids, but one day if not now those kids will know how you were married & their mom didnt care. TEAM Jenn Always 🖤💗🖤💗🖤💗🖤💗🖤💗🖤

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