T-Pain Recalls The Time Travis Scott Ghosted Him

T-Pain Recalls The Time Travis Scott Ghosted Him
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During story-time on one of the producer's live streams, T-Pain told the story of the time Travis Scott ditched him. Obviously, T-Pain has been a legend in the hip-hop scene for years, and to many, he laid the foundation for much of rap vocals in today's era.

T-Pain was arguably the first hip-hop artist to flourish while using auto-tune and pitch correction software on his vocals. Artists like Travis Scott have since ushered in a new era where auto-tuned vocals are the norm.

T-Pain, and many others, have argued that he definitely played a role in the popularity of the technique today, which is now commonly featured in rap vocals as an effect, rather than as a pitch-correction technique.

Unfortunately for the artist, he thinks that Travis Scott doesn't have the same amount of appreciation for him as he'd like. During a Twitch stream, T-Pain told the story of the time Travis had gone to his studio to work on a track together.

According to T-Pain, Travis needed better studio monitors, also known as speakers, because he wanted it to be as loud as possible. The producer proceeded to rent out a speaker system that cost around $500 day per day.

Travis, however, apparently didn't like the rapper's beats, and he and his team fell asleep while T-Pain worked on something new. Travis and his crew left, so T-Pain asked him if he still wanted to do the song together, to which Scott responded with a "yes."

However, as the days went by and the speaker bill went up, T-Pain realized he had been ghosted. His goal of getting a Travis Scott feature never came to fruition.

Hot New Hip Hop says that T-Pain was laughing through much of the Twitch stream, but they claim it looked like he was visibly hurt by the lack of respect. No one likes to be ghosted.

As it was noted above, T-Pain has been credited for laying the groundwork for modern rap vocals. In the past, the performing artist said he studied autotune for years.

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