T.I. Still Wants To Do A Verzuz Battle With 50 Cent As Busta Rhymes Begs Him In New Video To Take Him On Instead

T.I. Still Wants To Do A Verzuz Battle With 50 Cent As Busta Rhymes Begs Him In New Video To Take Him On Instead
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Busta Rhymes is begging T.I. to do a Verzuz battle with him. Deyjah Harris's father had spent months challenging 50 Cent , but the Power producer turned down the opportunity.

T.I. has not responded to Busta's offer as yet, but many people say that he is not the type to stay silent in the face of a musical challenge.

However, some music fans argue that a T.I. and Busta battle does not make much sense because what they do is very different. Missy Elliott might be a better fit for the 48 years old "I Know What You Want" rapper.

Moreover, while Busta's catalog is very deep, many observers say T.I. would be a strong favorite to win this one.

Busta issued the Verzuz challenge during a chat with Fat Joe, who could not contain himself after hearing the news.

An Instagrammer replied: "Respectfully NO. Busta an icon, but T.I. is a legend. We not gone downplay his discography cause he says dumb things nowadays."

This social media user explained: "Busta a legend but he ain’t got more hits den Tip I mean we don’t even know what he’s saying half his songs 😂."

A Busta supporter said: "For you all saying Busta not gone win you all must not know this man music or who he is fr fr g. He is not matched with T.I. rit’s just two different vibes of hip hop. I think ti and Jeezy should go at it."

In an interview with The Breakfast Club , T.I. shared why he wanted to challenge 50, while critics said he did not stand a chance.

Tiny Harris's husband stated: "Don't let nobody talk you out of your victory. If you lose, let it be because you showed up and got beat. Don't beat yourself [and] don't let nobody else beat you with their opinion."

He continued: "There were people who said, 'Who's ever asked to put on T.I.?' Yo mama. And that n*gga that thought enough of her to nut in her. That's who said, 'Let's play some T.I.' They only feel that way because in their young lives, what have I done besides from be on their television and social activism."


T.I. is promoting his new album, The L.I.B.R.A. , that was released last week. It will be interesting to hear Swizz Beats and Timbaland on what Busta had to say.

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