Spencer Pratt Says Kristin Cavallari Is ‘Better Off’ Without Jay Cutler Amid Their Divorce

Spencer Pratt Says Kristin Cavallari Is ‘Better Off’ Without Jay Cutler Amid Their Divorce
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On his latest podcast, Spencer Pratt did not hold anything back while discussing Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari’s divorce, saying that the latter was definitely better off! He mentioned that he was rather ‘excited’ for Kristin that she is now starting a brand ‘new chapter’ in her life.

That’s right! He pretty much dissed Jay Cutler and it’s not a huge surprise since Spencer is well known for always being direct and speaking his mind no matter how much he might upset others by doing so.

Earlier today on his and wife Heidi Montag’s The Speidi Podcast, Spencer talked about Kristin and her estranged husband, Jay, with guest and co-star Audrina Patridge.

That is when he argued that ‘I think Kristin is going to be better off and I’m excited for her new chapter, hopefully on The Hills, you know, dating.’

Audrina also seemed to think that it’s an exciting thing to happen to Kristin and that it would be even more so if she decided to move to Los Angeles and start being part of The Hills once again.

Audrina has experienced a divorce as well so she mentioned that while it’s definitely pretty hard, she will ‘get through it.’

Spencer went on to further explain why he thought the split will be good for Kristin, laughing that: ‘I guarantee you she writes a New York Times bestseller, ‘How to Divorce and Win.’’

The man then mentioned that Jay did not let Heidi and Audrina see his and Kristin’s home properly, refusing to take them on a house tour.

‘You guys were stuck in one room I thought,’ he recalled but the women corrected him, saying that they were in the house but at some point, they rushed to take off their shoes before Jay came in.

It was apparently a very awkward encounter as ‘We just stood there frozen and you were like, ‘Hi, I’m Heidi!’ with our shoes on.’


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