Adele Shows Off Her Weight Loss In Elzinga

Adele Shows Off Her Weight Loss In Elzinga
Credit: Source: Adele/Instagram

By now, everyone has seen the new photo of Adele showing off her stunning weight loss. People have compared her to actress Sarah Paulson and there have been debates over how we judge beauty and what it means when people lavish praise on someone after they lose weight. Adele celebrated her  32nd birthday on May 5, 2020, and she showed off her new, thinner frame by posting a photo of herself wearing Elzinga. The dress quickly sold out and demand for the dress continues to increase.

Elzinga posted the photo of Adele in the dress on their official Instagram page along with the following caption.

"Adele in the balloon-sleeve silk-organza mini dress on her birthday!💖Happy birthday Adele!💋#adele #elzinga #birthday"

The dress retails for approximately $610 and until Elzinga has enough to satisfy their customers, look-a-like dresses are also selling out.

You may see the post that Adele shared where she showcased her new figure in the Elzinga dress below.

It is believed that Adele lost approximately 100 pounds and even though there are social distancing rules in place, she has been able to continue working out and maintain her new figure. Many gyms are beginning to reopen as long as people stay a good six feet apart and Adele has made significant changes in her life.

She switched her diet to one that is mainly plant-based and has ditched sugary, calorie-laden, and junk foods. Adele is reportedly following the SIRTfood diet that involves eating foods that contain a specific protein and restricting calories to about 1000 per day in addition to regular exercise.

Adele lost weight quickly and effectively, but it is likely if she changes her diet she would begin to gain weight again. Regardless, everyone agrees that Adele looks sensational and the fact that the Elzinga Studios dress sold out immediately after Adele posted her photo is a testament to her star power.

What do you think about Adele in Elzinga? Are you a fan of the dress?

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