Sources Say Melania Trump Is Already Considering A Divorce From Donald Trump

Sources Say Melania Trump Is Already Considering A Divorce From Donald Trump
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A report from Hot New Hip Hop said that following Donald Trump 's loss of the presidential election this year, Melania Trump may already be considering a divorce. In case you missed it, Joe Biden managed to beat Trump by taking the state of Nevada and Pennsylvania.

All of the major networks called the presidential race once the state of Pennsylvania had been confirmed. Thus far, however, the president of the United States of America isn't willing to walk out of the white house without ensuring the American public has had a free and fair election.

The president and his campaign team have since filed lawsuits against a number of states on allegations of voter fraud. Moreover, it's possible there will also be a recount in the state of Georgia.

Regarding Melania Trump 's thoughts on the race, Stephanie Woloff, a former Trump aide, is reportedly thrilled that she doesn't have to engage in politics anymore. The First Lady Melania Trump allegedly wants to file for a divorce now.

The Daily Mail reported back in 2016 that Melania was practically "in tears" when she found out Donald had won because she knew it would make her life infinitely more stressful. Moreover, it was claimed that Melania didn't want to move her son out to Washington.

Stephanie even says Melania and Donald have negotiated what's called a "post-nuptial agreement," which means they might be headed for a divorce immediately after they leave the White House. With that said, however, such claims have been made ever since Donald started campaigning for the presidency back in 2015.

Furthermore, some of these rumors intensified when a moving truck was spotted outside of the White House just a few days ago. Social media users had a blast with all of the memes, jokes, and comments at the expense of the FLOTUS and the POTUS.


As it was previously reported, Donald Trump had been accused of cheating on the pregnant Melania Trump with Stormy Daniels, an adult film star. The scandal is said to have contributed to a massive rift between them.

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