CNN Refuses To Air Anti-Joe Biden Campaign Ad From Donald Trump's Administration

CNN Refuses To Air Anti-Joe Biden Campaign Ad From Donald Trump's Administration
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According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, CNN recently announced they would refuse to air Donald Trump's campaign advertisement railing against a fellow candidate, Joe Biden. CNN stated they will not air a 30-second advertisement purchased by Trump's election campaign due to it not meeting certain standards.

The video calls attention to Joe Biden's behavior toward Ukraine during his time as vice president, and also refers to CNN personalities like Jim Acosta, Chris Cuomo, as well as Don Lemon, as "media lapdogs." A network spokesperson said to the publication that CNN would be denying the advertisement because it doesn't meet certain standards.

Moreover, the network claims many of the assertions made in the advertisement are "demonstrably false," and have been proven as such by a number of other publications and journalists. Back in 2017, CNN denied another ad from the president, which was called, "Let President Trump Do His Job."

The advertisement took a few swipes at the mainstream media as well as the anchor, Anderson Cooper, but also Don Lemon as well. A network spokesperson stated they would only accept the advertisements if the images of anchors and reporters were removed.

Trump's campaign has accused the cable network of willfully censoring their message. News of the alleged censorship, as Trump's campaign team has called it, was reported by The Daily Beast. Currently, Trump is gearing up to compete against Joe Biden in the next presidential election.

As most know, Trump is a vehement critic of the mainstream media, frequently referring to some of the biggest networks and publications as "fake news."

Moreover, the president has repeatedly called them out for creating supposed false narratives, such as the alleged Russia collusion scandal, which was a hot button topic in the mainstream media for years.

Trump supporters and Republicans typically accused the mainstream media of "left-wing bias," which has been a common talking point for conservative political commentators for years. In the last few weeks, Biden's dealings with Ukraine has become a topic of concern, which Trump has called attention to.

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