Snoop Dogg’s Daughter Cori Broadus Shows Off Her Curvy Body After People Bodyshaming Her Previously

Snoop Dogg’s Daughter Cori Broadus Shows Off Her Curvy Body After People Bodyshaming Her Previously
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Snoop Dogg is probably one of the most loved presences in the world. He's known for being chill and kind to people and the least dramatic human ever. Snoop Dogg has made many people happy with his music and his personality so you can imagine the level of love his children must get as well.

Recently, his daughter Cori Broadus posted a few pictures on Instagram flaunting the curves she's been blessed with. The singer uploaded five pictures of herself wearing an orange bra under a white tied crop top. She also had some unbuttoned jeans and captioned the photo "When life gives you curves, flaunt it." She looked incredible in the photos and seemed to be confident in her posing and style.

Fans loved her look and they enjoyed her confidence as well. Many celebs also showed up in her comments section with nothing but praises for her and her style. Many of the comments included heart eyes and words of kindness towards Cori.

Fans were no less in hyping Cori up as they complimented her on her stunning figure. Fans were so happy to see Cori embracing herself as she was and they called her an icon for it.

Cori has been through a ton of body shaming before due to some haters. Some of the haters had told her to get liposuction and breast reduction simply because she had the money. This infuriated both Cori's fans as well as Cori herself.

She replied to the haters by saying that she was proud of her body as it was and assured her fans that she would not be going under the knife anytime soon. She also had to defend herself after haters claimed that her longtime boyfriend Wayne Duece was only dating her because of her father. These sentences had hurt Cori and she spoke about it in public, telling people to be kind with their words.


Watching her grow up into this woman has been one of the best things for the fans of Cori. Fans are obsessed with her and think that she deserves the world and more.

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