Shawn Mendes Says He Was 'On The Verge Of Ruining' Camila Cabello Romance - Here's How!

Shawn Mendes Says He Was 'On The Verge Of Ruining' Camila Cabello Romance - Here's How!
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Nowadays, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello seem like one of the strongest couples in the entertainment industry but according to the Canadian star, they used to have some communication problems. In fact, it was so bad that he was ‘on the verge of running’ what they have!

Thankfully, Shawn explained that their issues only brought them closer together after they solved them.

During his Apple Music interview with Zane Lowe, Shawn shared that he had thought for a long time that he was pretty open about his anxiety issues.

However, throughout his relationship with Camila, he realized that, in reality, he was not as vulnerable as he wanted at all times!

‘I went through a month where I could not really even communicate with her since I was struggling with anxiety, and I did not want her to see me weak. I was on the verge of ruining our relationship. And then when you come out the other end, and you are like, ‘Listen, I am struggling here. It is hard for me to even just say this to you.' And everything starts building and growing and getting stronger, and the roots fortify, and you look around, and you're like, ‘Oh, s**t.' Bravery. That is bravery. That is strength,’ he told the host.

Mendes went on to add that ‘You cannot be the best version of a son or a brother, a boyfriend or a friend to anybody if you're not constantly there for you, and you're watching out for you, and you're checking in on your heart and your space and your energy. We started giving ourselves a lot more time, which then allowed us to give everything more time and space, if that makes sense.’

Shawn also mentioned that this is the very first time he’s ever been in love.


Furthermore, he noted that Camila’s support always helps him fully commit and see where it can go.

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