Shawn Johnson Flips Her Three Month Old Baby And The Internet Freaks Out — Is The Gymnast Endangering Her Infant?

Shawn Johnson Flips Her Three Month Old Baby And The Internet Freaks Out — Is The Gymnast Endangering Her Infant?
Credit: Source: Shawn Johnson/Instagram

Shawn Johnson is getting a lot of criticism after flipping her three-month-old baby, Drew East, in a video that she posted on Instagram. The Olympic gold medalist seems to be preparing her infant daughter for her own gymnastics practice, but not everyone agrees that Drew is old enough to start now. Shawn had posted the video and announced that it was baby Drew's "Roo's" first day at the beach as well as her first time swimming. It was also her first time flipping and at three-months-old, it didn't take long before plenty of women chimed in to share their disapproval over the act. Many even said that Shawn flipping her three-month-old daughter was dangerous.

Drew is a bit of a celebrity in her own right, as she has an official Instagram account with over 500,000 Instagram followers. There are no videos of baby gymnastics on her account, but give it time.

Shawn shared the following post along with this caption.

Roo’s first flip!! @drewhazeleast😂 (she was PERFECTLY safe... so don’t even haha) #momlife#[email protected]

You may see the video that sparked controversy below.

Shawn seemed to know that there would be backlash regarding the videos as she pointed out in her post that Drew was safe. Some disagreed and though they may not have argued that Drew was harmed during the video, people began pointing out other areas where they suspected Drew wasn't being taken care of properly.

Some comments suggested that Drew needed to wear a hat and shoes while at the beach. Others asked if Shawn had put sunscreen on the baby. Others suggested that the flipping movement was harmful to Drew's neck and others suggested that her brain may have been injured from the action.

While shaken baby syndrome is a real condition that can happen when someone forcefully shakes a baby, causing their brain to swell, it is unlikely that gentle movements would cause harm. Still, some people suggested it might be advisable for Shawn Johnson to speak with Drew's pediatrician to see what type of activity is safe and age-appropriate.

What do you think? Do you think Drew could have been hurt from Shawn's flipping her upside down?

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